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Best Practices for Live Requirements Traceability

As the product and software development process grows in complexity, with more and more teams adding information, it is becoming increasingly difficult to track requirements throughout the development lifecycle and for stakeholders to get a clear view. Every decision can have an impact on the requirement or the product itself.

How do you prevent your organization from wasting time and resources, repeating research and searching for information, and how do you ensure that final deliverables tie in directly to the initial business needs?

The answer isLive Traceability™. Live Traceability is the ability to see the most up-to-date and complete upstream and downstream information for any requirement, no matter the stage of systems development or how many siloed tools and teams it spans.

This enables engineering and product management processes to be managed through data and to improve performance in real time.

In this webinar, attendees will learn about the challenges of live requirements traceability and how you can utilize Jama Connect® to overcome them. You will see how to provide backward and forward visibility for requirements, but also other information about the product you are building. You will also learn how easy it is to do an impact analysis, to generate reports, and get an overview of how your requirements tie together.

In this session you'll learn more about:

  • Best practices for live requirements traceability in a modern solution
  • The easy and intuitive way you link your information in Jama Connect
  • How Jama Connect can be leveraged to help with impact analysis
  • Understanding suspects and traceability views
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